Astro Devam is one of the reliable Exporters and Suppliers of Pyra Vastu Products, Parad Products, Rudraksha Beads, Astrology Books, Astrology Gemstones, Rosaries, Astrology Yantra an dmany more items. We also provide services such as Astrology Yagya Services, Astrology Services, Vastu Shastra Consultancy, Vastu Map Analysis, Color Therapy, etc.

Why Us?

Our approach is Multidisciplinary :
With the advent of technology, the world has become compact and small like a village. In this era, if any branch of knowledge restrains itself into a self-created island, it will not be able to keep pace with the changing times and is destined to doom.

WE have seen this happening to many so-called world famous astrologers and Vastu Experts. Having realized this reality, we at ‘’® remain in continuous touch with specialists of all the spheres of life e.g., Engineers, Doctors, Scientists, Psychologists, Industrialists, Celebrities, Actors, Politicians, bureaucrats, Management Experts etc., many a time they are our regular clients.

This is the reason our predictions and suggestions are so realistic and effective.

'’® believes in Universality of Astrology, Vastu and related sciences
‘’® believes that all the tenets of these divine sciences have been bestowed by the great seers for all and sundry, without any discrimination because of religion, caste, color, creed, gender, nationality, language.

We only believe in one religion; called Humanity, recognize only one color, i.e. clarity of heart; only one language, the language of love and compassion; only one nationality, nationality of Mother Earth. This is the reason; our clients rely on us like a true mentor.

'’® is not individual centric, but team centric
‘’® believes that for achieving something big, you have to form a team. Whatever may be the merit or knowledge of an individual, he will certainly face a roadblock after a certain time. Due to this, we have not only formed a competent team of experts of Astrology, Vaastu and allied fields , but also grooming and training further to fill the void in future.

Astrologers, not businesspersons, run ‘’®
Having fed up with the fleecing tendencies in the name of Astrology, Vaastu and allied sciences by so many websites, who are being run by the businessmen and pseudo astrologers, this website has been created by a team of experts of these divine sciences under the overall guidance of Anita Baranwal and Āchary Kalki Krishna, both of which are seasoned experts of Astro sciences in their own capacity.

This is the reason that our approach is totally different from the websites run with sheer profit motive.

Fine balance between Bhagya (Destiny) and Karma (Action)
Although, we are firm believers of theory of Karma (Action), enunciated in the Vedic scriptures and we never promote fatalism at any cost; It is our firm belief that consulting the science of Astrology, Vastu, Numerology etc. as well as extending the predictions and suggestions on the basis of their tenets is itself a conscience Karma (Action).

Nevertheless, having said that we appreciate that there are some limitations on the part of our Karma (Action) and as a human being, we are able to modify the Bhagya (Destiny), but it is difficult for us to change it completely. In view of the same, we never extend unrealistic and flimsy promises, while providing our services.

We never negate anything alien to us
Although, we have firm belief on the tenets of Vedic Astrology and other allied sciences, but we never disprove or repudiate other systems e.g. Western, Chinese, and Cabalistic etc.

Āchary Kalki Krishna has himself gone through these systems in best possible manner and we, at ‘’®, always try to incorporate finer aspects of these systems, in our predictions and suggestions.

‘’® never compromise on your privacy at any cost.
‘’® handles the customer profile and the entire data of name, date time and place of birth, address, e-mail, telephone number etc. in complete secrecy. We use birth data solely for communicating the consultation/ suggestion/ guidance reports to our clients only.

Ours is ethical approach

Ethics are supreme for us and the same is not to be sacrifices at any cost. This is the reason that we always request our esteemed clients to not to contact us for Vashikaran with an evil or negative intent, breaking a relationship or marriage and harming someone for selfish motives.

‘’® has beautifully combined theory with practice.
We know many persons, who have written many books on Astrology, Vastu and related sciences, and many others who are teaching these for years; but if you check with them, they have hardly made any successful prediction. We do not hesitate to say that they are simply academicians.

On the other hand, there are many practitioners in this field, who are practicing these divine sciences, but they are resistant, and even sometimes opposing to new researches in these streams; behaving like proverbial ostriches.

Promoters of ‘’®, Āchary Kalki Krishna as well as Anita Baranwal, are teaching and guiding research studies in the fields of Astrology, Vastu etc. for many years. Regular practice of findings of these research studies in the real life have given them such an edge that they never fail.

Our predictions and suggestions are definite and conclusive
Vedic reading of the horoscope is very technical and tedious process as it has to be done in the light of millions of Vedic Astrology principles. This is the reason why it is accurate beyond any doubt and this is the reason why majority of organizations and websites in India as well as out of India, never do such complicated and time-consuming process and try to deliver only computer-generated reports in the guise of Vedic reading.

However, at ‘’®, Vedic reading of horoscope is done by a competent and committed team of astrological experts under the overall guidance of Āchary Kalki Krishna, after considering all the relevant permutations and combinations.

It takes at least Fifteen to Twenty days. For this reading, ‘’® takes up only one question at a time. We do not address general and vague things, like whole life reading, general well being etc. We expect that the question for Vedic reading should be precise and to the point, so that our team may give definite and conclusive answer.

We never extend ‘run of the mill’ predictions and suggestions
There are so many websites offering Astrology consultancy online, who are being run by the businessmen and pseudo astrologers. What you get from them, is the future predictions and suggestions based on astrological software’s, after some modifications here and there.

These cheats and thugs never realize that a horoscope or say destiny of a particular person is a unique phenomenon, which cannot be replicated at any cost.

We, at ‘’®, understand that each horoscope should be given personalized treatment by real human astrologers. This is the reason that what you get from other websites, we provide without any charge, under the Section ‘Free Astrology’; and when you pay to us, you get best and unique predictions and suggestions, which is not general, but very individual to you.

We never compartmentalize whole humanity in twelve types
The worst practice adopted by many astrologers is that they prepare their predictions on the basis of dividing people into 12 categories, Sun-sign, Moon-sign or some other sign. This misconception comes from the popular practice of publishing horoscopes and future predictions in newspapers and magazines for different Sun-signs, and the sale of popular books containing predictions for people of a particular Sun-sign.

Unfortunately, all such horoscopes provide nothing more than entertainment. Valid predictions cannot be made based on the Sun-sign alone.

At ‘’®, we determine the exact position in the zodiac (not just by sign, but by degree and minute) of all the Grahas at the time of a particular event say a person's birth, the exact position of Ascendant as well as other Eleven Bhavas (Houses) and their interrelationship.

Due to this complex procedure adopted by ‘’®, it has proved itself in the eyes of its clients as one of the best astrologers in India.

We take up holistic approach
You might be requesting to analyze a particular aspect of your life, e.g. Job prospects. However, at ‘’®, we never forget other aspects of your life. Suppose, a particular job is going to disturb your domestic life, we may not recommend it to you.

Other astrologists never consider this angle, while analyzing the horoscopes; hence, they fail to ensure harmony and equilibrium among various aspects of life.At ‘’®, we do our best for creating balance and harmony in all aspects of life.

We use multifarious approach
There are so many tools in Astrology for analyzing a particular horoscope.

In Vedic Astrology, there is Ashtakvarga, Jaimini, Nadi, Prashna, Tajik etc. etc. Sage Parasar has described more than forty types of Dasas (timing systems) in his monumental creation ‘Brihat Parasar Hora Shastra’.

Normally, even famous astrologers restrict themselves them to one or two tools at the time of analyzing horoscopes.

Since, Āchary Kalki Krishna is himself adept with all the systems of Astrology; he ensures that for the perfect and ultimate prediction, many tools are adopted simultaneously. This is the reason; our predictions and suggestions are so accurate and reliable.

We never leave Humanitarian angle
Majority of times, when someone approaches an astrologist, he is in dilemma, confusion or sometimes in distress. Like a true professional, we try to figure out the ray of light, if even at the end of tunnel. We have taken vow to create positivity in the lives of all our clients; and try to do our best in this direction. Testimonials of our clients, whose life, we have filled with light through our predictions and suggestions, are proof to that.

Ours is intensive approach
The basic horoscope mirrors all the aspects of our life.

But when an astrologist has to focus on any particular aspect of our life, the ancient seers of Vedic Astrology have given provision for minute horoscopes for peculiar angles of life, just like specialized medical tests for separate diseases; for example, Navamsa Horoscope for marital life, Dasamamsa Horoscope for Career.

These minute horoscopes are popularly called Varga Chart or Varga Kundli. Normally, astrologers avoid to go at such a deep level, due to being cumbersome, and that at the cost of reliability of their predictions.

However, we at ‘’®, never fail to see that what a quantum of change may be brought in the lives of our clients, through a bit extra effort on the part of us.

We remain open to new developments
We appreciate the quantum of change having been brought by the computers and software technology in every sphere of knowledge.

The same applies to Astrology, Vastu, Numerology etc.

Not only, ‘’® is engaged in continuous research in Astrology and allied fields, but we remain in contact with all the new developments and researches taking place, around the world, in all these areas.

All these, only and only, for the benefit of our clients.

Healthy combination of Theory and Practice
The team of ‘’®, headed by Anita Baranwal has studied deeply all the branches of Astrology and allied fields and they are considered teacher of Astrology, Vaastu and allied fields, par excellence, teaching since so many years.

However, their knowledge is not limited to theory only. With regular practice and experimentation of all these sciences in real life situations, they have made ‘’®, an organization beyond any comparison or parallel.

We never create fear psychosis
Āchary Kalki Krishna always abhors the astrologers, who fleece innocent persons, by creating fear psychosis among them. Since, the ultimate objective of ‘’® is to create harmony and balance; we always extend all our predictions and suggestions with positivity, keeping the welfare of the client in our mind.

Only ‘’® guides you thoroughly and properly
When ‘’® extend you any product or service, you also get detailed procedure for applying, using or installing the same; the auspicious time for starting its application; the specific accessories e.g. Japa beads (rosaries), Yantra to be used; other materials, if required for optimizing results of these products and services and that too without any charge.

Due to these supporting factors, you are able to get best results from our products and services.

Remedies by ‘’® are devoid of any side effects
An appropriate remedy is a great blessing whereas an inappropriate remedy can cause unbelievable misfortune. There are certain methods and ways in the horoscope to find out which remedy would be suitable for you. All the remedies, communicated to you by ‘’®, are devoid of any side effects, as they have been carefully chosen by an expert team of Astrologers and Pundits, especially for you.

Remedies by ‘’® address your specific problem
Vedic tradition of remedies is very highly developed. For example, there is almost literally a mantra for everything, as ancient seers of India have recommended using specific mantras for relief of all kinds of karmic difficulties, even health problems, work and love problems, or the existential problems of life itself. This applies to other remedies also. The committed team of experienced Vedic Pundits and Jyotish Pandits, at ‘’®, chooses specific remedy, which crushes your problem completely.

Remedies by ‘’® are programmed as per precise requirement
Although each and every remedy has specific purpose, but even the same has to be further programmed as per specific need of a particular person. For example, Beeja mantra of Kali is chanted for annihilation of enemies, but the word ‘enemy’ itself may be very subjective and may take many forms. The enemy may be inside you or outside; it may be physical, psychic or spiritual; it may be an individual or a corporate body; it may be a neighbor or a Government officer; the enmity may be personal or political.

If you chant a Mantra in generalized way, it may or may not give the results. However, remedies by ‘’® are programmed before being communicated to you, as per your exact and precise requirement.

No policy of discrimination with ‘’®
Men, Women of all climes and creed, can utilize all the products and services by ‘’® and there is no discrimination on any count. Everyone irrespective of sex, age, cultural, ethnic, geographical and religious background can use these products and services.

For example, ‘’® has with continuous research and practice developed expertise in Muslim names and Parsee/ Zoroastrian names under our Numerology services and results we have found are very encouraging for us.

The only requirement in this regard is that all our products should be approached with humility, reverence, faith and love. Using of our products with unwavering devotion and motivation is more important than your religion, your IQ or your status in the society. All our services are meant for entire humanity. Everyone irrespective of sex, age (except tender babies), cultural, ethnic, geographical and religious background can use them.

All the advices by ‘’® are backed by repeated testing and checking
When we extend an advice, we know that it will work, as it is backed by years of continuous and extensive research. In each area, we have worked on thousands and thousands of cases of individuals, products, projects and organizations; which have got thundering success or have gone into oblivion. Our clients are benefited by the lessons, learnt by us in such a deep research.

‘’® gives you best option
The committed team of experienced Astrologists, Vastu Experts and Numerologists, under personal supervision of Āchary Kalki Krishna, has gone through the great depository of knowledge under all the schools and branches of these divine sciences.

This team has also researched under the great Vedic tradition. Due to this painstaking research of this dedicated team, ‘’® is in a position to communicate you best option.

At ‘’®, quality is premium, but the prices are modest
Despite of being one of the best service providers in the field of Astrology, Vaastu and allied sciences, we have kept our charges very reasonable, as we never even think of a situation, in which our services go beyond the reach of common man.

In case of other providers of products and services, prices are steep and high due to the number of intermediaries they pass before they reach the consumer; the manufacturer, the importer, the wholesaler, the dealer, and the retailer etc. However, by buying at the source and delivering directly to you, we are able to sell at very modest and reasonable prices.

Although, if you go through the price lists of others, who are selling fake products or providing cheap services for making money in the name of Astrology, Vaastu and allied sciences, you may be disappointed with our prices.

However, as we all know that you get what you pay for. If only spirituality was so readily and cheaply available, wouldn't half the world become ascetic & achieve all that they desire in life?

Our purpose is to stop people from being cheated in the name of religion/spirituality and help them make the right decisions and get immense benefit from the divine Vedic knowledge.

Only through remedies by ‘’®, harmony and equilibrium among various aspects of life
There may be some remedy, which may be giving positive results to some aspect of life, say career and profession, while it may cause negative effects or side effects to another aspect of life, say married life and domestic harmony. A remedy may grant you with good health and long life but at the same time it may cause financial losses.

Unfortunately, this aspect of Remedial Astrology is totally ignored in general by other consultants, and that creates imbalance in the life of user of that remedy. At ‘’®, our team takes special care in this regard, so that harmony in one aspect of life is not disturbed, while promoting any other aspect of life.

All our products are delivered only after being tested from recognized testing centers
Although, the whole team of ‘’® is fully conversant with intricacies of quality and parameters of products supplied by us and our sourcing channels are foolproof; in the wider interest of our esteemed clients, each and every piece of product is checked in at least one recognized testing center/ laboratory.

We have made it mandatory, since the market is flooded with imitations fakes.

For example, we have found that even so called Gemologists supply manmade Gems (synthetics) to the innocent clients in the name of Birth stones or Rashi Ratna. We know that when our clients buy Gemstones online, they are doing on trust, and we want to cement that trust.

‘’® is not part of cartel fleecing Believers of Vedic Astrology
You must have heard so-called Vedic Astrologers recommending Gemstones of a particular weight, based on weight or age of the person. Āchary Kalki Krishna has personally challenged and exposed these cheats, on various forums, just because no Vedic scripture suggests such type of recommendations.

These cheats will always recommend you Gems weighing 5 ¼, 6 ¼, 7 ¼ Rattis. Since, it is impossible to find Natural Gemstones as per these weights; they pass on fakes to you, made in factories exactly as per these weights.

All these fraudulent consultants have never gone through any Vedic scripture and are part of unholy cartel, run by Jewelers, Gemologists and traders of Gemstones, who are motivated by their profits and not by the welfare of the wearer of Gemstones.

Not to mention here that such type of nefarious practices are not limited to only gemstones, but extend to other products also.

‘’® Follows Anukul- Pratikul Principal of Vedic Astrology
In your Vedic thought, some Planets are favorable to you called ANUKUL-GRAHA and some are unfavorable called PRATIKUL-GRAHA. As per Anukul- Pratikul Principal of Vedic system, products and objects representing favorable ones are to be worn, consumed or preferred and those representing unfavorable ones are to be donated. After extensive research, ‘’® has found that remedial items pertaining to Pratikul Grahas or Unfavorable planets may cause immeasurable loss to the wearer.

‘’® never recommends conflicting remedies
Some remedial items are in conflict to each other, due to nature of planets governed by them. For example, Saturn is incompatible with Sun, Moon and Mars, hence, ‘Jyotish Gemstones’ of Saturn e.g. Blue Sapphire should not be worn with ruby, pearl or red coral, otherwise it may certainly create complications. This aspect of Remedial Astrology is always taken care of by ‘’® team.

We practice what we preach
This site is brought to you by people who have full faith in the tenets of Vedic depository of knowledge.

Our purpose is to stop people from being cheated in the name of religion/spirituality and help them make the right decisions and get immense benefit from the Vedic knowledge.

In this era, or Kalyuga, Vedic remedies are to a disillusioned, frustrated, over-stressed man what breath is to someone dying of suffocation. Many members of ‘’® team themselves have been benefitted by these remedies and they have firsthand experience of their efficacy.

Due to this single fact only, we become distinct from the crowd of other Astrological products and service provides, who treat it as their business only.

‘Astro Vedic Remedies’ are the only Remedial items, which are potentiated with unique Mantras
All the Remedial items, recommended and provided by ‘’® are potentiated with unique Mantras. These Mantras, carefully selected from Vedas, Puranas and Shabar scriptures, after being chanted in specific numbers turn these items into powerhouse of energy.

‘Astro Vedic Remedies’ are the only Remedial items, which are devoid of side effects
Out of many types of Remedial items recommended by Ancient Seers and Scriptures, only one or two remedies may actually be suitable for a person based on the exact configuration of his/her Vedic Horoscope or on the basis of intricacies of problem being faced by him.

This important aspect of Vedic Astrology is generally ignored by all and sundry, and that only at the cost of the person, who is going to use that specific remedy. At ‘’®, we always keep into mind this aspect; hence, our ‘Astro Vedic Remedies’ are devoid of side effects, at all.

‘’® never overburdens you with Remedies
We all must have seen the persons, sometimes appearing to be very knowledgeable, putting on four, five or six types of Gemstones and Rudrakshas on their body.

After thorough researches at ‘’®, we have found that overburdening your system with many types of Remedies, without understanding their effect, create complications in your psychic personality, cause congestions into your ethereal bodies and inhibit your Karmic Development.

Out of so many remedies recommended by Ancient Seers and Scriptures, only one or two remedy may actually be suitable for a person based on the exact configuration of his/her Vedic Horoscope or on the basis of intricacies of problem being faced by him, unless you are an ascetic or have denounced material pleasures.

At ‘’®, you are recommended only one or two remedy, keeping in view short term and long-term goals of your life.

Only at ‘’®, you get the facility of Distant Energizing
Although, all ‘Astrological Vedic Remedies’ supplied from ‘’®, are pre-energized with Cosmic Energy, but with passage of time, after interacting with negative vibrations in your system/ environment, they start to lose their cosmic potencies, although their physical properties remain intact.

Although, we provide facility of Distant Energizing to Remedial items procured from other sources also, but for all ‘Astrological Vedic Remedies’ provided by ‘’®, this facility is available only at nominal charges.

Only ‘’® gives you specific guidance for using ‘Astro Vedic Remedies’
After a lot of research, ‘’® has found that effect and efficacy of ‘Astrological Vedic Remedies’ very much depend on the way these are used, the time they are installed or used, the rituals performed at the time of wearing or using etc. Along with ‘Astrological Vedic Remedies’, you get complete and precise guidance on these aspects, so that you get optimum results from ‘Astrological Vedic Remedies’.

Process of selection and recommendation at ‘’® is beyond comparison
The specific Remedial item, to be chosen, energized and programmed for a specific individual, company, organization is decided either on the basis of Planetary combination in one’s horoscope or on the basis of problems being faced by one or the desire to be fulfilled on his part.

The person, contemplating for a remedy, sends his Birth Information like Birth time, place and Date via Contact form to ‘’®. If one is not sure of his birth details, he may mail us either his problems/ miseries, to be eradicated through the remedy; or the goal/ objective, intended to be achieved by him through remedy.

Vedic Pundits and Jyotish Pandits, associated with ‘’® recommend the specific remedy, most suitable, to him. Normally, this process takes two to seven days.

Only ‘’® provides Remedies, individualized to your specific Aura
While other eBays, websites, companies and E-shops claim (and in rare cases actually do) to energize and program Remedies, and pre-program for specific purpose(s). But ‘’® not only energizes and pre-programs ‘Astro Vedic Remedies’ for specific purpose(s), but also specially programs the same for a specific individual or family, as the case may be.

Only Remedial items, which are devoid of side effects
While in Vedic scriptures, all the Remedial items are said to have benefic effects, but if a Remedial item has been made from substandard materials, it has not been properly energized and programmed or not installed and used in a proper manner, it may actually cause side effects and result into negative tendencies in the life.

At ‘’®, we always keep into mind all this aspects; hence, our ‘Astro Vedic Remedies’ are devoid of side effects, at all. Many a websites assure their clients that they can use their Remedies like a plaything, but this is a wrong approach; and ultimately sufferers are their clients.

‘’® never compromises on the quality of Materials
‘’® is the only organization in the world, which takes care of this aspect. Before any Remedial item comes at the process of energizing and programming, we check it thoroughly whether the same is correct on all parameters prescribed by the scriptures e.g. its design, the material used etc.

We get horrified to see that no organization in India or any other country is giving consideration to this aspect of high magnitude.

Many persons and organizations, engaged in this profession, are using sub-standard and defective materials, bought at cheap rates and supply to the innocent clients; and when the client does not get the desired results, they give blame to the destiny of the client.

We are saddened to find that same carelessness is repeated in the quality of material being used in the energizing and programming process, if they undertake the same at all.

Unique Recognition for our devotion and commitment
With the continuous and dedicated research in the field of Astrology, Vaastu and allied sciences, ‘’® has excelled to that extent and reached to those heights, that it has become first organization in the world to have achieved maximum ‘ISO Certifications’ in the field of Astrology, Vaastu and allied sciences.

To ensure all the legal requirements of ‘ISO Certification’, we maintain highest quality standards from the stage; we get orders, to the stage, where we get feedback from our esteemed clients. It is another thing that we give more importance to the testimonials received from customers, than ISO certification.

Our Commitment to the cause of Astrology, Vaastu and allied sciences
We are not only working for the propagation of Vedic knowledge in the interest of human kind, but we are also making all out efforts for preservation of ancient texts and scriptures, in the interest of generations to come. We believe that many aspects of Vedic knowledge and ethos are still hidden and unexploited; and to unearth them we are signing ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ with other organizations and Universities.

‘’® believes in evolution with holistic approach
We believe that no organization in the world can grow, if it works as a closed system; so we keep ourselves open to all types of ideas and researches, in the true spirit of ancient Vedic seers.

We admire, we study and we acknowledge the contributions by other organizations in the field of Astrology, Vaastu and allied sciences. Whatever knowledge we can gather, we collect, then test and check; and if found useful, we implement and use in the interest of our clients.