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Vastu Map Analysis

We are a reliable company to analyze the map of your home, office or any other place. We require a detailed map, including colors, shapes and other important factors related to the place. Our team of experts, after analyzing the map, will provide you with the guidelines which you can follow to achieve a harmonious balance in the place. We believe that if everything is in right place, according to the vastu, then you will achieve happiness and prosperity. We offer our Vastu Map Analysis services at very reasonable rates.

Details :

  • Under this much sought after service of our esteemed organization, we make detailed analysis of the map submitted by you.
  • We expect a very detailed map, indicating each and every object including colors, shapes and all the other relevant factors to be earmarked in the map or to be provided in a separate write-up.
  • A very detailed guideline, after analyzing all the possible angles of Vastu, is mailed to you.
  • For this highly popular service, minimum charges Rs. 5000 / $ 100 (India/ Other Countries), which is for an apartment of approx. 1000 Sq. Feet/ 100 sq. Meters. For the bigger properties of larger areas as well as of floors more than one, the charges are higher in proportion to the size as well as intricacies involved.
  • Just fill the form given below for this highly popular service and we will inform you the estimate of our charges.

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