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Match Making

If you are looking for Match Making Services in Noida, you should contact us. We have a team of reputed astrologers who are proficient in studying the positions and effects of different planets and stars, finding the cause of your problem and providing an effective solution for resolving your problem. We also specialize in Match Making. We can study the compatibility of you and your partner in a scientific way assuring you for the best results. We are trusted by our clients for giving good advice. Our prices are very reasonable.

Details :
Scientific Match making in Scientific era - Go beyond Guna/ Kuta Matching and Software Matching

Going to marry, but not sure about your partner ?
Not sure whether you love will last through the bond of marriage?
You know that your prospective groom is socially compatible to you, but you want to know whether he is mentally and emotionally compatible to you or not?
Want to know why there are so much separations and divorces, despite of match making done by astrologers.

Just ask us to avail ‘Astro Vedic compatibility’ test, unparalleled and unique service in the world for full proof service in the field of Horoscope Matching or Kundli Matching.

We dare to declare and warn that in more than ninety percent cases, Match making done by astrologers, western as well as Eastern, is faulty, imperfect and unreliable, resulting into troubled married life and high number of divorces.

If you cannot opt for scientific matchmaking; then JUST DO NOT DO the futile exercise of Match making, as it may mar your whole life, instead of making it.

Why this no-nonsense and bold statement ?
The whole drama of Match making in Western Astrology is totally based upon the zodiac sign of Sun, we repeat, not the exact degree of Sun, but only its zodiac sign. Funnily enough, they divide whole human race into twelve categories.

On the other hand, Vedic compatibility, prevalent in India, is totally based upon constellation of the Moon or Lunar Mansion. Since, there are twenty seven constellations in all; you are again doing the fault of dividing whole human race into twenty seven categories.

Although, this system of Matching of Charts, also known as Guna Milaan or Koota Matching is over hyped, but in actual practice, a team of experienced Astrologers, under overall guidance of Mrs. Anita Baranwal, have found after much research that this system alone is not sufficient for predicting a Match Making, just like the system of Sun Signs. It can be and should be used as a supplementary system in addition to some other very important Aspects which are to be seen and analyzed from both the Horoscopes to predict the match accurately.

Hence, as a special gesture, we are offering the service of Guna Milaan or Koota Milaan for free under our ‘Free Astrology’ section, although, for the same service other websites are charging something like $ 50. In our ‘Free Astrology’ section, you can avail a service called from different names e. g. free horoscope compatibility, free kundli matching, free horoscope matching for marriage, free online horoscope matching, free online kundali matching, free horoscope matching , but we want to clarify here that this service is not as exhaustive as ‘Astro Vedic compatibility’ test, but is at par with the service provided by other websites, since the same is prepared through horoscope matching software.

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